Any journey offers the human beings to tell a story or “one’s” story.
Life is a journey through which we are going every day.
There is a night train into my world. As soon as my eyes are shut, 
I find myself at my train station of dreams boarding that night train. 
The train chases me through my present, often stops in my past, and 
accompanies me to my future. Sometimes I see a little girl in the past 
which still believes in fairy tales and is convinced, that life is going 
to be as beautiful as in those stories. I am not able to get off the train 
and thus I can never tell her that life offers more than just nice stories. 
Years later she would understand that those stories actually were the best 
she had ever heard. But there are many other extraordinaire stories which 
will help her to understand life… 

Because of our journeys we have the opportunity to tell stories.
Each story, even if it’s not my story, takes me to a unique journey
and enriches my life with new pictures and experiences…
Journey is relative….


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